About Me


Left an enjoyable career teaching Computer Science and programming in August 2016 and started out in software development.

Currently an Expert .NET Software Engineer at the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office working with:

  • C# / ASP.NET
  • NServiceBus
  • PowerShell + DSC
  • SQL Server
  • JavaScript, jQuery etc…


24 Aug 2018 First Prize: Best Article of July 2018 with A Super-Simplified Explanation of .NET Garbage Collection
18 May 2018 First Prize: Best C# Article of April 2018 with C# Debug vs. Release Builds and Debugging in Visual Studio – from Novice to Expert in One Blog Article
23 Mar 2018 First Prize: Best C# Article of February 2018 with Addressing a Simple Yet Common C# Async/Await Misconception