CodeProject MVP 2019 Award


So very happy to have received my certificate for CodeProject MVP 2019 MVA Most Valuable Author Award

We recognize and value your exceptional contributions and commitment to the technical communities worldwide. By sharing your real world expertise and technical skills, you demonstrate outstanding technical community leadership.

It means a great deal to get this sort of recognition.

I try really here to take complex topics and make them relatively pain-free for busy developers. The downside, is that the work I put in to writing it is not always obvious.

For this, I’d like to draw your attention to ‘The Iceberg Illusion’ (sorry it has been around long enough that I don’t know original source).

Some versions of this illustration list more under the surface, like anxiety, consistency, doubts, teamwork, mental toughness, motivation, habits, rejection and coping.

All these words are a regular part of a technical blogger’s life, just so that occasionally, we can produce a piece, where hopefully, we make it look easy.

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